Introduction to Callcap

Welcome to the Callcap API, a powerful tool that empowers you to seamlessly integrate essential functionalities into your application. With our API, you gain access to a wide array of features that enhance the capabilities of your application by harnessing call-related data and information.

The Callcap API is split into two versions currently, during a transitional period. In v2, you can access data stored in your Callcap accounts. In v3, you may create or update information.

In the Callcap API v2, you will find the following features:

  1. Call Data Integration:
    Effortlessly incorporate call data into your application. Access detailed information about each call, enabling you to analyze call patterns, durations, frequencies, and more. This data can provide valuable insights into customer interactions and help you optimize your services.
  2. Account Hierarchy and Phone Number Campaign Information:
    Stay up to date on any changes made to your accounts and phone numbers within the Callcap system by seamlessly integrating updates into your application.
  3. Corporation, Division, and Location Information
    Streamline your application's functionality by integrating corporation, division, and location information. Enhance user experiences by providing context-specific information based on the call's details, such as
  4. CSR Information Access:
    Dive deeper into customer interactions by accessing Customer Service Representative (CSR) information. This integration allows you to associate calls with specific representatives, enabling performance evaluation, training, and improved customer service.
  5. Callsurance Evaluation Minor information
    Gain a look into the available Callsurance Evaluation Minors that are being used to grade your calls. With Callsurance, you can gain insight into the outcomes of your calls, and with the ability to integrate the Callsurance Minor information into your application, you can build better tools to report on the outcomes.

In the Callcap API v3, you will find the following features:

  1. Phone Number Management:
    Streamline processes by easily integrate provisioning of new phone numbers, and updating of existing phone numbers into your application.
  2. Account Hierarchy Management:
    Remotely create and update your Division and Location level accounts. Ensure accurate and timely information in your reporting data based on changing circumstances.
  3. Conversation Revenue Entry:
    Automate and simplify financial reporting by integrating your revenue system with Callcap's Revenue Entry and Invoice ID system. Each call may have a revenue value and invoice ID directly assigned to it.
  4. Create Email Alerts:
    Implement proactive communication by utilizing the API to create email alerts. Stay informed about critical events, such as high call volumes, unusual call patterns, or specific customer inquiries, allowing your team to respond promptly.

What’s Next